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40 Seeds Of Terrifies Carnivorous Pet Plant for Punk And Gothic Lovers

40 Seeds Of Terrifies Carnivorous Pet Plant for Punk And Gothic Lovers

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Are you a punk or gothic lover and do you like rock?

Then... We have the perfect pet for you. Yes!

Introduce yourself as a rude person and identified with your passion through this rare and terrifying carnivorous plant.

This plant has an aspect very typical of people passionate about punk and gothic fashion, as their teeth give a bad look, and fear.

We assure you that when your friends and colleagues see this plant in your garden or in your bedroom they will be surprised.

If you wanted a pet that is very much in keeping with your personality, then this carnivorous plant can not be missing in your home, office or room.


The most popular of all carnivorous plants with its jaw like traps waiting to spring shut on any unsuspecting small insect. The venus flytrap really catches the imagination of children and adults alike! And is one of the most unusual plants in the world.

Only water and keep the plants in a cool position during the Winter months. Always remove the flowers in the spring as these can weaken the plant.

Flytraps do well on a sunny windowsill or frostfree greenhouse.Stand the plant in a large saucer of rainwater from March to Sept always watering from the saucer,pinch out any flower buds before they form as these can weaken the plants.

They can be fed the odd live fly every now and again if you wish.

During the Winter months the plants will go into dormancy,if growing indoors move the plants to a much cooler position at this time,keep the compost just damp rather than wet and remove any dead foliage.

Get yours today because they are limited edition and will be available while stocks last in our store.

Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
Style: Perennial
Type: Foliage Plants
Climate: Temperate
Classification: Happy Farm
Use: Outdoor, indoor Plants
Location: Courtyard
Variety: Dionaea

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